How to Write Product Descriptions (with Examples)

How to Write Product Descriptions (with Examples)

Illustration of a man with a dark complexion, writing product descriptions. Using sheet music as a metaphor we see an arrow pointing to a shopping cart in the right center of the drawing.

Who really reads the copy on your product pages, anyway? There are so many other things to do on a website in terms of conversion rate optimization that a product description can’t really make an impact on sales, right?

Why is it wrong? Because great product descriptions need to augment your product pages by selling your products to real people, not just acting as back-of-the-box dispensers of information for search engines (though SEO can’t be an afterthought, of course).

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How to write job descriptions that sell

Your candidates are younger, they’re filled with energy and explosive passion, and they view the world very differently from older generations. They’re here not just to work but to hustle , and it goes without saying that your job descriptions ought to reflect that – accurately, concisely, and uniquely.

The greatest job descriptions get straight to the point and have a strong voice . They tell your millennial candidates about what’s exactly in store for them, right down to the salary range. Don’t waste words , but don’t waste time either – young jobseekers want to know about their role, what your expectations are, who they’re going to interact with daily, and how much they can expect from compensation.

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