Terrorist Attacks

The United States of America in her history has experienced two major terrorist attacks. These were the Oklahoma City Bombing and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The first one to occur was the Oklahoma City bombing which took place on the 19th of April the year 1995 which involved a bomb explosion that was carried in a truck outside the federal building in Oklahoma.  Later on, the 9/11 terrorist attack was experienced which took place on 11th of September the year 2001 and involved a terror attack by an Islamic terrorist group which was known as the al-Qaida. The two American terrorist attacks had some similarities and differences (Manza & Brooks, 2013).

Similarities between the Attacks

In both of these attacks, statements were being made contrary to the American government. For instance in the 9/11 attacks passed a message of international antagonism to the American government while domestic disharmony pushed the Oklahoma bombing. These attacks were all meant to give statements against the United States government and its policies. Both of these attacks took place on the same soil which was the American soil (Hoffman & Kasupski, 2007). These grounds include New York City and Washington DC, where the 9/11 attack took place, and the another one was the Oklahoma City. All of these cities are located in America. Both of these attacks also took place in areas that were densely populated.

The Murrah building where the Oklahoma City bombing took place and the two cities in which the 9/11 attacks took place were densely populated as they were centers that were not isolated from the human population. New York City, being the World Trade Centre, had a significant population when the attack occurred. There also was a loss of human life in both the attacks. The 9/11 attacks recorded a death tally of more than 2000 people, and more than 6000 were left wounded while in the Oklahoma attack 168 people were left dead and much more injured. In both attacks, the Americans were left living in fear and suspicion as they now lost trust in each other.  Lastly, both attacks intensified security check up in America. For instance, the Oklahoma bombing enabled the enforcement of a law which ensured strict monitoring of anything that has been placed in a public place, and the 9/11 attack intensified security check ups in the American airports (Kapardis, 2014).

Differences between the Attacks

Apart from the similarities, there were differences too between the two American terror attacks. First, in the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack signified the end of the American police which was the patriot movement policy that was being used in America. Contrary to the Oklahoma bombing the 9/11 attack symbolized the start of an active fight against the Islamic terror group. These attacks contradicted in a way that one symbolized the end of policy while the other one symbolized the start (Kapardis, 2014).

Secondly, one attack was religiously motivated while a feeling of discontentment with the existing government motivated another one. The 9/11 bombing was the one who was religious in nature as it involved the Islamic terror group while the feeling of discontent drove the Oklahoma bombing.  Thirdly, the attacks also contradicted such that the Oklahoma attack was carried out by the natives of America while the 9/11 attack was carried out by foreigners who belonged to a foreign terror group (Manza & Brooks, 2013).

Lessons Learned From the Attacks

From the 9/11 attacks, the American nation did take not only caution but also learned some lesson, which was to help them in the future. The first lesson was that the act of disarming other foreign nations was not enough for they would still use the weapons available in the United States to launch an attack. Like with the case of the 9/11 attacks, America had carried out disarmament in Iraq but still, Iraq used the weapons that were available in the US to attack them. Another lesson is that terrorism has many faces and the least expected people, not necessarily the renowned terrorists may carry it out (Hoffman & Kasupski, 2007).  America also learned that it was also exposed to terrorism and that any country can be affected by terrorism no matter how superior the nation is regarded. Additionally, the government should invest heavily in preventing terrorist attacks. Cockpit doors must protected and ensure safety procedures are implement fully. We learn that any country is vulnerable to terror attacks regardless its superiority. Therefore, adequate caution should be taken at all costs.

How These Lessons May Be Used In The Future

The lessons learned from these terror attacks may be used in the future in the following ways. America should come up with an efficient counterterrorism plan. This plan will help prevent the emergence of more attacks and the overreaction people had after attacks. America in the future, should enforce the respect of human rights and the rule of law. Terrorists have to be investigated and when found guilty be convicted accordingly as the rule of law spells out. When carrying out disarmament in the future, America should first consider disarming its citizens who illegally own some of the weapons which might be used to launch an attack against them as it was in the case of the 9/11 terror attacks. Another strategy, which America has to put in place as from the 9/11 attacks is that efficient investigation, which should involve both security personnel and religious leaders more about those strategies you can read in this essay about terrorism.

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