How to Convince Your Audience about Education Importance in Islamic Religion?

Education is important in any society, irrespective of its religion and cultural belief. However, given the worldwide turmoil and political debates, when it comes to education in the Islamic world, things are not so easy to handle. Therefore, when students are given the task to write about Islamic education, many of them will find themselves in difficulty. Writing about a controversial topic is not easy for a student. He will need hours of research and careful planning to convince the audience and clearly transmit his ideas. When they are in front of a difficult subject, many students think if it wouldn’t have been better to “hire someone to write my research paper for me”. Once you have read this article, you will see that writing about Islamic education is not so difficult as it seems.

Write an Essay about Islamic Education

  • Plan the process

When you write about an uncommon topic, you may need more time than usual to finalize it. The first thing you should do is carefully plan the entire process. Start by understanding which is your deadline and note down any other assignments you will have to do in the same period. There are several phases which you should include in your plan. First, you will need time for research. Once you advance with your research, you should start preparing an outline where you will write the main ideas which you are going to discuss. Finally, you will also need time for writing the essay and proofreading it.

  • Talk about the problems in Islamic schools

Islamic education is a controversial topic. There are many topics which you can write about. You should know your target audience very well before choosing the topic. If you want to make your essay engaging and make your audience curious, you can talk about the problems in Islamic schools. For example, you can talk about how Islamic religion intervenes in children education and what differences are made in school between boys and girls. Moreover, you can also touch the idea of modernism and technology in Islamic schools. While it is important that the younger generation respects Islamic religion and guides their evolution following the Qur’an, children need to stay updated with technology trends and the modern society requirements.

  • Challenges and opportunities in Islamic education

Every Muslim child has the right to receive an education. Whether they are living in an Islamic country or in the western world, Muslim kids should receive a proper education. The greatest objective of education should be to help the younger generation become the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, the Islamic education system has a great opportunity in following Islamic rules and build strong characters for their students. A great tip that you can use is offering relevant examples in each paragraph. Choose authoritative sources and trustworthy studies to make your essay more credible. Moreover, studies will help you build your thesis statement and convince your audience about your point of view.

Writing an essay about Islamic education shouldn’t be different than any other topic that you have written about. Even though you have to talk about a challenging subject, you will need such exercises to get out of your comfort zone. As long as you do extensive research and stick to your writing plan, you will write an engaging essay and impress your evaluators.


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