Miracles of Piya Haji Ali

Miracles of the Saint : There are many miracles that have happened during the life of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari {R.A} and after his death. It is a belief of the Muslims as mentioned in the Quran Sheriff that the Holy Saints who sacrifice and devoted their lives in the way of Allah never die and one should not call them dead. They are alive in the graves and get their food and necessities from Allah.

It is learnt from reliable sources that Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari {R.A} was Qutub-E-Akbar. Whatever is known about miracles is learnt from the caretakers and trustees from generation as the Saint had never married and had no descendents. Some people tried to display themselves as his descendants or heirs and have destroyed the exact history of the saint, his tomb and Dargah.

Oil and the Lady : It is learnt from rivayat {being told by the people} that Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari {R.A} was sitting at some lone place and was busy in his prayers when one lady passed from there crying and screaming. When the Saint enquired about her crying she told the Saint by pointing to an empty vessel and said that she had dropped some oil from the vessel and that if she goes home without the oil her cruel husband would treat her badly and that’s why she was crying in need of help. The Saint asked her to be calm and went with her to the place where the oil had been dropped and then he took the vessel from her and pushed the earth with his thumb and the oil came out like a fountain and the vessel was full. The Saint gave her the vessel with oil and she went away happily. But at the same time the earth told the Saint that he had pushed it and had given it trouble and some day when he would be buried it might take revenge of this. The Saint then realized that he had committed a mistake and from that day he became very serious and was not keeping well.

The Pathway : Before his death he advised his followers that they should not burry Him at any proper place or graveyard and should drop his coffin that it should be buried by the people where and when it is found so that is why his tomb is in the middle of the sea where some stones over a small mountain were lying above the sea. The present chairman informs it and managing trustee, Mr. A. S. Merchant that earlier there was no pathway in the sea and people collected stones and made a temporary path during low tide. During high tide however the path was destroyed. In 1944 his father Mohammad Haji Aboobakar who was appointed trustee by The Attorney General, Goverment of Bombay had decided to build a permanent pathway but he was hesitant as he was not sure if the path would withstand the sea fury during the monsoon season almost all the roads of Mumbai become rough and have potholes but till today the pathway of the Dargah has never been damaged or unsafe for the people to reach the Dargah Sheriff. This is one of the biggest miracles of the saint hundreds of years after his death.

Miracles of the Dargah : In 1949 there was a big storm in Mumbai, which had not left a single building without the slightest damage, but there was no damage to the Dargah, sanatorium or the pathway. There were waves of the size of mountain and most people were scared that they would drown. They then bowed down at the wall of the Dargah, said their prayer and there was lightening on the waves and the people returned home without any harm to themselves or to their property.

It is learned from the thousands of visitors and devotees who have visited the tomb of the Saint that with proper faith and belief they have achieved whatever they have had asked for from the Saint blessings.

During the heavy rains on 26th July 2005 there was a huge destruction over most of the part of Mumbai but the Haji Ali Dargah was not affected  by this incident.

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