Haji Ali Dargah : Tourist Attractions In Mumbai


India’s economic capital and the abode of the candyfloss silver screen, the spark called Mumbai attracts thousands of moths towards itself round the year. Though it is the lure of the Bollywood glamour and the promise of a livelihood that make people run to Mumbai; the Arabian sea and the Western Ghats topped up with the lip smacking Paw Bhaji and Vada Paw along with important historical monuments like Gateway of India, Elephanta caves, Haji Ali mosque, along with the Bombay Stock Exchange, the water parks and shopping malls, this truly cosmopolitan city offers a heady cocktail of history and the contemporary. Mumbai is therefore a haven for business, movie and tour buffs alike.


The Haji Ali Dargah is located off the coast of Worli, Mumbai on a tiny islet. It stands about 500 yards into the waters of the Arabian Sea.


Haji Ali is open to everyone. It cannot be entered at high tide since the causeway leading to it gets submerged in water. The mosque looks particularly beautiful at sunset with its reflection on the crimson waters.

The look of the Mosque

This beautiful whitewashed mosque is connected to mainland by a narrow causeway that gets submerged at high tide. The white mosque reflected on the blue waters then looks serenely picturesque. The mosque is built around a plot of 2500 m with an 85 ft minaret at its centre. Beyond the gate is a marble courtyard where the edifice of saint Haji Ali stands. The tomb within is covered in red and green satin cloth like in all dargahs. The marble pillars in the main hall are adorned with colored glass chips. However, much of the beauty of this dargah is now at stake due to constant exposure to saline water.


This mosque was built in 1431 by the Muslim saint Haji Ali who renounced his worldly possessions and devoted himself in meditation. According to the legend, Haji Ali died on his way to Mecca and the casket carrying his body floated back to these shores. His devotees cremated him at this spot, which is now an important pilgrimage for people of all religion all over the country.

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